About Us


     PARATHA EXPRESS is the 1st, Indian fast food Quick Service Restaurant franchise that primarily sells Parathas made from Whole Wheat, Paratha Subs, Salads & Tray Meals. It is fastest growing single brand restaurant chain that serves Parathas in fast food style. It is owned and operated by GMJ Events & Hospitality, India.

     The concept behind the birth of PARATHA EXPRESS is to serve the clients with healthy, tasty & nutritious eco-meal prepared from Whole Wheat. Each Paratha at Paratha Express are hand tossed with love & garnished with our secret spices.

     In just 1 year of time, PARATHA EXPRESS has changed the definition of fast food. Now the fast food is healthy, tasty & nutritious only at PARATHA EXPRESS

"Clients at PARATHA EXPRESS are good eaters rather

than just eaters".

An American told to an Indian: - Pizza… that you are eating a lot is our discovery!!

Indian gently replied to the American: - A Pizza… is just a Paratha that went abroad for higher education, while its grandpa is from India. @ PARATHA EXPRESS


PARATHA EXPRESS’s brand mission is to be our client’s favorite food to eat and favorite place to sit.


PARATHA EXPRESS’s vision statement:- Good 4P (good PEOPLE, good PARATHAS, good PLACE @ good PRICE)

Paratha Express, A Quick Service Restaurant (QSR); also have a larger vision, which is the inspiration for its international restaurant operations.

The Paratha Express and franchises Vision is….

To be the No.1 QSR franchise in India and abroad, while delivering healthy, tasty & nutritious parathas prepared from Whole Wheat at very reasonable cost.

CORPORATE VALUES Commitment to our clients

Our clients are the reason for our existence. We serve them with high quality food, clean and welcoming environment at a Value for Money products.

Business Ethics

At Paratha Express, we do our business at high standards of fairness, honesty and integrity.

Improvement is a Process

We are learning organization that responds through innovation.

Paratha Express Joint Family System

Our business model, is like a joint family; balancing the interests of all–franchisee, supplier & employees.