Advantages of having PARATHA EXPRESS as a franchisee:

[1] Established corporate image and brand awareness & trust.
[2] Extensive training and support to the franchisee.
[3] Paratha Express already has the business model in place;
     you can focus on running a successful business.
[4] A great way for individuals to own and operate their own business.

"Types of Franchise Ownership


    There are many different types of franchise ownership opportunities:

For Franchise Requirement



Area Required Investment Ideal Location

400 to 800

10 – 15 Lakhs

Mall, food court, Colleges,Corporate office, Collages, Hospital, Airport, Railway Station, Family hangout, Highway, Express Highway, High Street

1. Single Unit Franchise

  •        In this type of franchise you can own and start PARATHA EXPRESS Eat HEALTHY… outlet & start earning. Minimum requirement single outlet is 400 sq feet carpet area.

2. Multi-Unit Franchise

  •         Here you have an opportunity to own more than 2-6 PARATHA EXPRESS Eat HEALTHY…outlets in the radius of 10 km.

3. Area developer

  •         This model is only for Metro cities where typically involves greater number of PARATHA EXPRESS Eat HEALTHY…outlets encompassing a larger territorial area. The area developer have right to open a pre-determined number of PARATHA EXPRESS Eat HEALTHY…outlets in a certain territory.

4. Master Franchise

  •         Master Franchise of PARATHA EXPRESS Eat HEALTHY… allows the individual or company to purchase the right to open the number of outlets and also to sub-franchise within the state. Master Franchise will work & design the strategy with corporate and have to provide the required support to the outlets & sub-franchise

5. Joint Venture

  •         It’s a partnership model, if an individual/company have property and financial recourses, than we can open outlets jointly and share the rewards proportionally.

There is an appetite for food businesses !

And its really fast growing everyday !!

One of the most promising and paying sector is food. There has been a rise in people looking to start out as an entrepreneur in the food business. Talking of the fast food industry, interest in new food co-operatives is at its highest level and sales of ethnic Indian food is booming. Even venture capitalists, long focused on technology startups, are grabbing plates and getting in line.